When his health issues deepened, we decided to remove Cosmo from the adoption pages and welcomed him as a much-loved permanent shelter resident.

It was a huge loss when dear Cosmo left us after 8 years. Due to his easygoing nature with cats, dogs and humans, he could spend time in any part of the house. Cosmo was a great mediator, serial cuddler and friend to all. We miss him dreadfully.

When eight-year-old Cosmo’s family moved into a new home, he went to the toilet in their bathroom during the first two nights. Due to his confusion in new surroundings, the next morning they took him to the vet to be lethally injected.

Feeling as shocked as I was, the veterinarian contacted me and asked if I would rescue this exceptionally cuddly boy. I was there within an hour and being smooched and gently head-bunted for my swift action.

Cosmo is one of the most affectionate and purr-filled cats to ever come into our care. He will sit on a lap all day, wrap his paws around our arms when we cuddle him and smooch his face against ours for as long as we will let him. If we ignore Cosmo, he will grab at our shirt sleeve or trouser leg when we pass. He knows what he wants – food, petting and a comfortable life.

Cosmo has a large, benign fatty lump on his shoulder that has stopped anyone from adopting him for the past two years. Being white, he is more susceptible to skin cancer of the nose and ears so we are careful about allowing him time in the sun.


Cosmo will remain here as a permanent shelter cat unless someone extra-special comes forward for him in future. Please let me know if you are willing to sponsor his on-going care costs. Thank you.

NOTE: Most cats find moving into a new home a very stressful experience. Please purchase and set up litter trays and a Feliway plug in the room the cat will initially live in for the first few weeks. Ensure his familiar bedding and furniture is in there with him. Keep doors and windows shut so he doesn’t go missing. Ensure he is micro-chipped and registered to your contact details before the move. Give him places to hide within his room and give him plenty of loving attention. Be prepared for possible inappropriate toileting and a lack of appetite.

cosmo-with-caesar cosmo-in-arms cosmo-playful
cosmo-in-bed cosmo--cuddles