blu faceSad news. Our beautiful Blu was put to sleep yesterday. We always knew his nose cancer was terminal and hoped he would let us know when he was no longer comfortable.

Blu spent his first 10 years with his loving mum, SallyAnn, and his final 11 months in palliative care with us. We knew him from the day he was born to his homeless mother (who is still under our umbrella).

Blu was a mediator, extremely affectionate, playful, active, curious and happy... until yesterday - when his usual enthusiasm disappeared.

SallyAnn spent the day with us so in his last hours, Blu was surrounded by the people he trusted and loved most.

We went on a quick shopping trip so that we could feed our boy a special meal and in the late afternoon we took him to the vet where he peacefully passed away while we soothed and stroked him.

He rested in his favourite spot overnight and today Paul dug a grave for his close mate in a place where Blu watched the activity of the outdoor animals.

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of Blu's care team - from saying hello, to cleaning his room, to changing his water, to preparing his meals, to giving him affection, to providing his therapies.

Blu was fortunate to have been loved and cared for from his day of birth to the day he died...but will be very sadly missed.

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