Orpie and his girls need a safe rural home

When thin Orpie (and two other hens) came into our care, her foot was so sore she couldn't put it on the ground. An appointment with wonderful avian specialist Berend at Carevets Glen Eden confirmed that no bones were broken - so plenty of bed rest and pain relief followed.

During her recovery, beautiful Orpie has reached maturity, but instead of laying eggs "she" produced a magnificent crow. This was not good news at our urban shelter. In respect for our neighbours, Orpie's indoor enclosure is wrapped in blackout curtains from dusk until mid-morning.

Orpie adores his girlfriends and, regardless of his healing leg, he rushes to flirt with them when we put him outside after a night of separation.

This lovely trio is looking for a safe, breed-free home in the countryside where Orpie can complete his recovery and where they can safely live out the full length of their natural lifespans. It must be a place where Orpie can be the only rooster in the henhouse and can show off his lovely crow without restriction. They are temporarily living in suburban Auckland.

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