Roosters are among the most mistreated and unwanted animals we assist. They are cruelly and illegally abandoned on roadsides and in public parks, the egg industry annually slaughters billions of them at birth, they are killed by backyard breeders and chicken hobbyists. In suburban or roadside areas they are killed by councils and poachers.

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Do you have an area on your property where a group of roosters could be released? There would need to be a natural or manmade water source and, depending on the habitat, feed provided for them at least every second day.

When irresponsible and callous people abandon their roosters in public places, these vulnerable birds face regular authorised slaughters, starvation, public abuse, untended illnesses & injuries, relentless cockfights, poachers killing them for human consumption & eel bait, dog attacks and traffic injuries.


The infrequent dumping of hens in a rooster area results in serious and sometimes lethal injuries from pack-raping.

These are just a fraction of Animal Re-homing’s photographs of rescued chickens – the huge majority of whom are roosters. We have found safe, life-long homes for over 2000 of these colourful creatures during the past seven years, but we are now out of secure havens.

Please join the many North Island families who have offered their rural properties to one or 100 of these colourful boys.

Check with your Council that you are zoned rural and therefore permitted to care for roosters. Please also ensure that your property is safe from roaming dogs and that your nearest neighbours don't mind the sound of crowing. Hawks can also pose a lethal threat to smaller roosters.

Although they would no doubt enjoy the comfort of a coop to retire to, the roosters would be satisfied with sleeping in the trees or a barn at night.

I look forward to your life saving responses with appreciation. Conditions apply.

NOTE: If you witness anyone dumping chickens in public places, please note the time & date and write down their car number plate & description. If possible, also take a photograph of the offender(s) and forward all details to the Auckland SPCA so that a prosecution follows. Please inform others that abandoning an animal is cruel and is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act. Offenders can be fined up to $50,000.00, face a 12 month prison term - or both.


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