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“The Boatshop Brothers” are yet another group of gorgeous young cockerels who were irresponsibly hatched out with their four sisters at a boatshop on the North Shore of Auckland.

We have managed to find lovely homes for dozens of their predecessors from this property, for their father, their female siblings and for one of their brothers (Lion) - but the three remaining sweet boys are still homeless and unwanted.

Now that they have reached maturity and have begun crowing, they need more space than our rescue pen can provide for them. With their beautiful colours and their curious personalities, they will artistically grace any rural property, barn surrounds and fenceposts. 

If you are able to offer these juveniles a home that is safe from roaming dogs and provides tree shelter from hawks, please contact me. You will need to be zoned rural, to have a fresh water supply, to feed them every day until they settle in - and you will need to enjoy the sound of crowing. If necessary, we will home them separately. Their names are King, Prince and Napoleon.

NOTE: If you are unable to stop surprise clutches of chicks hatching out, please keep your hens and roosters permanently in a large enclosure - so that eggs can be collected each day. We find it strange and tragic that people are shocked when 50% of chicks turn out to be unwanted males.

boatshop-brothers-lovely boatshop-brothers-eating
boatshop-boys boatshop-brothers-from-above