Introducing our Founder - Linda Nunn

LindaAnimals became a big part of Linda's life more than 45 years ago, when she experienced firsthand, the cold reality of cruelty and abuse that many animals face. From that point on she vowed to help as many animals as she could - of all shapes and sizes and she stopped eating them when she was 19 years old.

Linda has become well known for her relentless hard work for animal rights and welfare. Among other agencies, she has worked alongside Save Animals From Exploitation, the SPCA, the Humane Society, Animal Freedom Aotearoa, Animal Control, Councils etc and has been involved in helping thousands of animals over the years.

Linda has rescued and re-homed many species of animal - from mice to horses, and often fosters stray dogs, chickens, kittens and cats until they are ready to go to a new home.

She is an active member of the Auckland SPCA Cat Coalition which helps stray cats that are best suited to remaining in their original habitats - by trapping, neutering and then re-releasing them (TNR). The cats are fed and monitored daily for the rest of their natural lifespan.

Linda also liaises with other rescue groups to try and find suitable homes for animals.

She lives on the North Shore of Auckland with her wonderfully supportive husband and an endless stream of rescued and rehabilitating homeless creatures.




In 2009 The New Zealand Companion Animal Council presented Linda with the St Francis of Assisi Award for her services to animals. "In recognition of her tireless animal welfare and conservation work, primarily on Auckland’s North Shore, and the physical rescue of many hundreds of animals."


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The New Zealand Companion Animal Council Inc - Award Winners:

2009 Conference Report