Outstanding Vet Bills 11 December 2023: $6,664.12
Contributions gratefully received




Every rescue has long-term animals in its care who urgently need the loving stability of a home. Sweet, 3-year-old Lily is one of ours.

All indications point to this Whippet x Border Collie x Staffy having been used as dogfighting bait. She has the multiple scars and the nervous temperament... and she is extremely frightened and defensive with dogs who are not behind fencing.

Lily was found emaciated and eating her own faeces... and continues to be extremely food driven.

She had run through a forest fire and had singed paw pads and whiskers when she came into our care. She was not human aggressive but was wary of people and loud noises, and constantly hypervigilant. No-one responded to her "Found Dog" adverts.

After 18 months under our umbrella, Lily is now registered, spayed and micro-chipped and is beginning to enjoy human touch. I wept the first time she pushed her head gently against my knees asking for affection... and stayed immobile with her eyes closed for 15 minutes while I petted her.

She is smart and eager to learn new tricks and has discovered that humans can be fun and trustworthy. Although she does not yet play; when she feels relaxed and happy, she loves to canter and romp with graceful, bounding zoomies... and to follow her carers about.

Intensive reward-based help from Good Dog Training has been devotedly followed by our incredible dog walking volunteers to bring her this far. Thank you so much team! ?

To blossom and continue gaining confidence and healing, Lily now needs a peaceful home with people who will continue to nurture her through her past trauma.

We are seeking a very special home and extra special people for Lily. She will need robust, tall fencing & gates, and to be free of other animals. Past dog experience and a large yard would be a bonus.

Lily is currently based in Auckland.
Please send applications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to bringing Lily to your home to meet you. ?


Thank you.

Lily has recently learned to be comfortable around one of our rescue dogs, so it's possible she could bond with another dog-friendly dog after several supervised introductions.


To celebrate their first year since adopting gorgeous Dexter, Rosh and Satnam, put together a cat food gift box for us. ❤️

It was so lovely to be welcomed into the home they share with their dog, Simba and their other cat, Smudge... and to have heartfelt cuddles with Dexter again.

Thank you so much guys! Your kindness is so much appreciated.

dexter-1.jpg dexter-2.jpg dexter-3.jpg dexter-5.jpg


Xylo managed to get his paw inside the Elizabethan head collar and removed stitches, so the poor boy had to undergo a second surgery.

Chubba needs more skin removed to complete his outcome, so he too faces another operation. ?

Please help us to raise the additional funds for their surgical fees.

Donations may be made to our Givealittle Page at: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/urgent-please-help-us-save-xylo-and-chubbas-sight

To avoid Givealittle’s 5% service fee, you may prefer to donate directly to Animal Re-homing at: ASB Acct number: 12 3059 0650626 00 (Please reference your gift with your name and with the name “Xylo” or “Chubba”). Thank you so much! ?

* The boys are videoed being reunited after they were separated for their initial healing. ?

New Zealand National Party, New Zealand First

If the New Zealand National Party, New Zealand First or the Act Party are elected next month, they callously intend to reintroduce the atrocity of live animal exports from Aotearoa New Zealand.

The people of this country were very clear that they wanted this mass animal cruelty banned... and after years of lobbying, it was in April 2023.

Please think of the animals when you vote. Check out this brand new party: Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ



This young, small breed rooster was so hungry that he practically ran into our trap this afternoon.

If he's been abandoned, or his guardians don't come forward for him, we will be looking for a safe rural home for this handsome boy. We captured him on Bute Rd, so have named him Beauty.

Many thanks to our longterm volunteer, Gordana, for alerting us to his dangerous plight and for assisting us with his capture. ❤️

Queries and expressions of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.