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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine vegan starter kit:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal’s free vegan starter kit:

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Vegan Dining

Link to vegan-friendly eateries throughout New Zealand: Click here 

Global eateries: Click here

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Each year on November 1st people all around the world come together to celebrate the animal lives they have saved and the good they have done the planet by going vegan. By refusing to consume animal bodies, milk, eggs, honey, skin, fur and feathers, every vegan saves around 100-200 animal lives per year – which adds up to billions worldwide.

If you have always wanted to do more to help cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, pigs, sea creatures, ducks, geese and other beings, there isn’t a more compassionate way to do it. You will also be doing your health a favour.

Save animals - Watch Earthlings

Save your health - Watch Forks Over Knives

Save the planet - Watch Cowspiracy

Be motivated - Watch ‘The Best Speech Ever’ (Gary Yourofsky)

Be inspired – Watch ‘Animals Should Be Off The Menu’ debate (Phil Warren)

For more information, check out
The Vegan Society and Go Vegan

Think you’re ready to go vegan?
Take the 30 day challenge to find out how easy it is – with plenty of resources and information to help you.


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