Why adopt an animal?

The question really should be: Why buy an animal from a pet shop or a breeder, when there are beautiful creatures suffering and dying every day for lack of a loving home?

Animal shelters, individuals, pounds, the SPCA, Humane Society and other rescue and holding agencies struggle to find homes and funding for the creatures crowding their facilities. Some dogs and cats are killed after just seven days if no-one claims or adopts them. As long as pet shops continue to supply pups and kittens (the huge majority of whom are NOT de-sexed), supply soon exceeds demand. For every animal purchased from a pet shop, another cannot be placed in a loving home.

Support your local pet shops to purchase animal paraphernalia, but please don't buy animals from them, unless they are one of the very rare stores that offers only rescued, de-sexed cats and dogs. When the consumer stops buying animals from them, they will stop selling them. That's when homeless animals will find their new caregivers.

If you adopt from a shelter, you save a life and chances are that the animal will already be de-sexed...thus stopping the cycle of more unwanted and homeless animals being bred.

Pets on the Net does not accept adverts from pet shops for similar reasons...yet they are inundated with animals seeking somewhere safe to live. POTN and a growing number of other agents are listed under LINKS.

Are there costs involved for me?

Animal Re-homing does not believe animals should be sold any more than human beings should, so we do not put a price on the head of any creature under our umbrella.

However, there most certainly should be costs involved for you when you adopt an animal. You may need to purchase fencing, bedding, shelter, food, feeding dishes, litter trays, toys, scratch poles, collars, leads, etc. You may need to book vet appointments, sessions with animal behaviourist, pay future kenneling fees and travel long distances repeatedly to meet and then to collect your newly rescued family member.

When you have everything arranged for your new arrival, please help Animal Re-homing with the costs of caring for and preparing animals for adoption. Please make a donation. Animal Re-homing is unfunded and relies entirely on a modest single income and donations to carry out its endless work with animals in strife.