“Why not go vegan?”


A vegan is a person who does not knowingly eat animals, or use or wear anything produced by them. A vegan avoids using products that are tested on animals and that contain animal ingredients.

Thank you for being open to investigating this animal-compassionate and healthful lifestyle with its minimal impact on the environment. Many people in today’s society are fearful of what they will learn and are therefore resistant to new information - no matter what the consequences may be.


May your willingness to explore and to adjust your taste for animal bodies and their secretions, lead you to a more joyful, ethical and sustainable path...

As you visit the links, please be warned that some of what you see will be graphic and disturbing.

It is in discovering the facts that most individuals become eager to cast off their habitual dietary and lifestyle choices. If you find yourself overwhelmed, please seek support from The Vegan Society of NZ and take advantage of the vegan gatherings in your area.

“Compassion fatigue” is real to those of us who have confronted the cruel reality of the meat and dairy industries. Please don’t hesitate to ask for support and guidance.

Once you have become informed, we recommend that you initially commit to a vegan lifestyle for a minimum of four weeks. Or that you have increasing numbers of meat and dairy-free days each week until you are enjoying a fully plant-based diet. In light of the suffering that surrounds the animals involved in these industries and the damage caused to the environment and human health, we are confident that you will find the motivation.

Please let us know the result of your commitment. Thank you.

The Vegan Society of New Zealand may be contacted via

A Life Connected  
The video at this link offers a vegan overview which is suitable for all age groups and sensitivities.

A Delicate Balance
This informative documentary by Phoenix Philms focuses predominantly on health issues. Please go to this link to view the film and to purchase the DVD. Please encourage your local video stores and libraries to stock it for public hire.


"If there was a way that you could nourish your body

and live a long & healthy life while causing minimal harm to yourself, to fellow humans, to the planet and to other creatures sharing the earth;

would you embrace it?

Or would your intelligence, your heart and your soul be dominated exclusively and absolutely

by tradition and by the tiny taste-buds on your tongue?"

(Linda Nunn 2009)

Check out these videos and websites!

Each year on November 1st people all around the world come together to celebrate the animal lives they have saved and the good they have done the planet by going vegan. By refusing to consume animal bodies, milk, eggs, honey, skin, fur and feathers, every vegan saves around 100-200 animal lives per year – which adds up to billions worldwide.

If you have always wanted to do more to help cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, pigs, sea creatures, ducks, geese and other beings, there isn’t a more compassionate way to do it. You will also be doing your health a favour.

Save animals - Watch Earthlings

Save your health - Watch Forks Over Knives

Save the planet - Watch Cowspiracy

Be motivated - Watch ‘The Best Speech Ever’ (Gary Yourofsky)

Be inspired – Watch ‘Animals Should Be Off The Menu’ debate (Phil Warren)

For more information, check out
The Vegan Society and Go Vegan

Think you’re ready to go vegan?
Take the 30 day challenge to find out how easy it is – with plenty of resources and information to help you.


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