WARNING: For those considering a non-violent lifestyle, these graphically disturbing videos will be a powerful motivator.

2010 Presentation by Gary Yourofsky (5 part series)


Paul McCartney on eating animals

John Robins – Is it wrong to Eat Animals?

TVNZ Close-Up: More footage of NZ pig farm cruelty

Open Rescue films New Zealand Pig Farm

Silent night in a factory pig farm

Silent Night in a battery hen farm

Is there “ethical” meat?

Can Fish feel pain?

Is drinking milk OK?

What is milk? A maternal lactating secretion, a short term nutrient for new-born calves ttp://

What is cow induction?

Milk Myths

What happens to male chicks?

Are free-range eggs OK?

Is feather down OK?

Are fur clothing & trim and fur toys OK?

Is animal testing OK?

Does eating animals affect climate change?

The Truth behind your Food

Ellen DeGeneres discusses the power of “Earthlings” and being Vegan

Chart showing herbivore, carnivore, omnivore & human differences

Mind-Opening and Informative Books

“THE FACE ON YOUR PLATE” by Jeffrey Masson. Published by Norton. Available at bookstores.

Face on Your Plate is an exhilarating work. With intelligence and insight, it shows what is wrong with the way we view animals, and very clearly how to make it right. The simplest choices we make – about the food we eat and that we feed to our families – have dramatic effects on animals, and also on our health and on the world in which we live”. [Neal Barnard, MD, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, DC]

“WHY WE LOVE DOGS, EAT PIGS, AND WEAR COWS: An Introduction to Carnism". (The belief System That Enables Us to Eat Some Animals and Not Others) by Melanie Joy. Published by Conari Press. Available at bookstores.

Thought-provoking video clip at this link

The opening chapter of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows is startling and effective. We are asked to imagine a dinner party at which the guests are enjoying a delicious stew. But when one guest asks for the recipe, the host explains that it starts with a Golden Retriever. The disgust and revulsion that follows this announcement is examined in detail later in the book, and Dr. Joy is both succinct and smart in showing us the overlapping circles of identification, empathy and disgust that colour our relationships with animals.

by Catherine Amey. Published by Rebel Press. Available on-line.,%20green%20cruelty%20free%20April%202008.pdf

Aotearoa New Zealand is often promoted as a peaceful land of blue skies, pure streams, and rich pastures — a "clean and green" paradise. In reality, our society is based on the sounds, smells and blood of the slaughterhouse. Every year New Zealanders kill over a hundred million animals for food or profit. Over two million battery chickens are crowded into tiny, stinking cages, and thousands of pregnant sows endure boredom and frustration in cramped dark stalls. Animals suffer for our amusement in circuses, zoos, racetracks and rodeos, or are bred and hunted for sport. Hundreds of thousands of animals endure pain in laboratory experiments every year, while many more are trapped, shot, or poisoned because they have been defined as pests. Clean, Green and Cruelty-Free? explodes the myth of New Zealand as a pristine and animal-friendly environment. Designed as a resource for animal advocates, it will be of interest to anyone concerned about animal suffering.

Check out these videos and websites!

Each year on November 1st people all around the world come together to celebrate the animal lives they have saved and the good they have done the planet by going vegan. By refusing to consume animal bodies, milk, eggs, honey, skin, fur and feathers, every vegan saves around 100-200 animal lives per year – which adds up to billions worldwide.

If you have always wanted to do more to help cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, pigs, sea creatures, ducks, geese and other beings, there isn’t a more compassionate way to do it. You will also be doing your health a favour.

Save animals - Watch Earthlings

Save your health - Watch Forks Over Knives

Save the planet - Watch Cowspiracy

Be motivated - Watch ‘The Best Speech Ever’ (Gary Yourofsky)

Be inspired – Watch ‘Animals Should Be Off The Menu’ debate (Phil Warren)

For more information, check out
The Vegan Society and Go Vegan

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