How can you help us?



- Credit card: Givealittle (Instant tax deductible receipt)

- Online banking: (Receipt at close of financial year) New Zealand, Auckland, Browns Bay, ASB Account number: 12 3059 0650626 00

[Please reference with your name and send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we may send you a tax deductible receipt]

Thank you so very much everyone!

Volunteering Opportunities

We have many opportunities available to help animals. Some of the ways you can assist are outlined below. For further information please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To see an article about some volunteer activities, please click here

Offer to foster animals and to socialise stray and timid cats

Please let us know if you are in a position to foster, tame and/or help timid animals gain confidence prior to their adoptions. They will usually be cats and dogs; although it’s possible some grazing animals may require temporary shelter too. Please let us know what your preference and experience has been with all creatures’ great and small up until now.

Become a volunteer (Minimum age 16)

Please offer your time and energy to help us with animal care and the tasks of running a busy shelter and rescue organisation. You may be doing housework, cuddling animals, walking dogs, working in the office, crumbling crackers, transporting goods, helping with fundraising, picking grass, rescuing roadside chickens, picking up dog poop, cleaning out a chicken coop, holding animals who need medical attention, replacing litter trays, assisting at a cat colony...the list is endless. To see more pictures of volunteers at work, please click here. To read about some of the workload of our volunteers please click here.

Offer to collect and transport animals around the North Island

Please offer to help to sensitively transport animals and/or related paraphernalia to new or foster homes around Auckland and throughout the North Island. Sometimes you may deliver a mouse or a frog, or at other times, pigs, sheep or peacocks. There may also be food, cages and medicine, etc to transport. You will need to provide your own vehicle.

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Make a donation

Your donations will help to pay for vet bills, food, transportation costs and cages etc. It is not unusual for Animal Re-homing’s vet bills to be thousands of dollars, especially if dentistry or emergency surgeries are needed for rescued animals.

Please post your donations by cheque to:
Animal Re-homing Charitable Trust
PO BOX 35-298
Browns Bay
New Zealand 0753

Online transfers or counter donations may be made to:
Animal Re-homing Charitable Trust
New Zealand, Auckland, Browns Bay, ASB Account number: 12 3059 0650626 00

For Overseas transfers:
The Swift code / IBAN number is: ASBBNZ2A
The BIC / BSB number is: 12-3059
The ASB bank postal address (if required) is: PO BOX 35, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, New Zealand

Credit card donations may be made to our Givealittle account:

Donate these items/services from our wish list

  • Wooden floors for the downstairs shelter
  • Housework services, chicken coop cleaning, car washing, etc
  • Cat carry cages
  • Sacks of pure white Purrfit Crystal kitty litter
  • Pet electric blankets of varying sizes
  • Whelping mats with non-slip backing
  • Polar fleece and other warm bedding for cats and dogs (no fur, wool or sheepskin)
  • SPCA cat traps
  • Custom made cat and dog beds
  • Wind & waterproof dog kennels
  • Chew toys for puppies and young dogs
  • Kongs and other dog toys/stimulants of various sizes
  • Dog collars and leads
  • Specific birthing, kitten and cat live-in enclosures of varying sizes
  • Cat holding cages for kittens, for sick cats and recovering animals, for foster caregivers, for transporting
  • Printer colour cartridges
  • Printer paper and draft copy printer paper
  • Envelopes and stamps (or prepaid envelopes)
  • Petrol vouchers for volunteers and transportation costs
  • Help with water and telephone bills – toll and mobile phone calls throughout NZ
  • Sponsor an animal’s vet care
  • Sponsor the cost of a professional dog coach/animal behaviourist
  • Offer to pay the release fee to rescue a pound dog
  • Run a fundraising initiative for us

Support us by purchasing our books

Pack Rat Stew & Other Tales

- Books are just $15 each
- Buy 2 copies for $25
- Buy 3 copies or more for just $10 per book

(Includes postage & packaging within New Zealand)

  • Post cheques payable to Animal Re-homing to

Animal Re-homing
PO BOX 35-298

Browns Bay
Auckland 0753

(Please include your name and postal address) 

  • Or transfer online to Animal Re-homing
    ASB 12 3059 0650626 00

Please reference your payment “BOOK” followed by your name. Then send us an e-mail with your postal details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Thank you so much.

PACK RAT STEW & OTHER TALES by New Zealand author Don Batley

pack-rat-stew-front-coverThe 32 pages of quirky, rhyming animal stories in this A4 sized paperback book will appeal to all age groups, including young-at-heart adults.

The beautiful coloured illustrations of Chris Schipper will delight even the youngest of children.

Pack Rat Stew will be a wonderful gift for the kids in your life or for libraries, schools and kindergartens. Please spread the word.

This special book was written and donated by Kiwi author Don Batley (pictured). He dedicated it to his much-loved friend Bandit the cat. Don has been actively supporting our work with animals in strife since early 2006 when he adopted five piglets from us who are happily living out their natural lifespans on his property. Thank you Don – we appreciate you so much!

Don is unlikely to produce a re-run of his book, so this is your last chance to get copies. Pack Rat Stew is available at this price only while our stock lasts. Please order today!

author-don-batley.jpg We are hoping our supporters will buy the books in groups of 3 or more to quickly raise the urgently needed funds and to save us postage & packaging costs. However, we welcome orders for smaller numbers too.

To see pictures of some of our current shelter animals enjoying Pack Rat Stew, please click here.

NOTE: Special thanks to Karen Wheeler at S.G. Digital Ltd in Auckland for donating enough Animal Re-homing business cards for inclusion with each book.

Thank you so much to each of you for making donations and participating in our fundraising campaigns. Your help is life-saving and enables us to continue our work.