Outstanding Vet Bills 11 December 2023: $6,664.12
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Although the huge majority of the dogs we rescue are ready for adoption after physical rehab and a little training, some of them, (through no fault of their own), need extra help.

We are looking for dog-experienced adult walkers who are willing to volunteer a minimum of one walk per week to exercise, train and prepare our special needs dogs to adoption level.

Applicants will require dedication in all weather conditions, a reasonable level of fitness and enough strength to keep medium-large dogs with them if they are pulling or lunging. They will also need to share their experiences and images on our Volunteer Walkers Facebook Page after each outing.

We will be working under the guidance of The Canine Club and, at first, new walkers will be paired with our long term volunteers.

It's very rewarding to work with disadvantaged dogs and to know that you are personally responsible for their happy endings. Sometimes our volunteers fall in love with them and, provided our adoption criteria are met, they continue the training one-on-one with their new family member.

Thank you - we very much look forward to hearing from you. For more information or to offer your help, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the need for full attention, children and family dogs will not be able to accompany volunteers and the rescue dogs will each need to be walked individually at this stage.


Missing dogs

Please ask the media to help highlight the criminal activity of dog theft. Unless they are supervised 24/7, our dogs are at risk of disappearing... and never being found again.

They are stolen to be used in dog-fights, to be on-sold for profit and to satisfy impulse thieves.

Please don't leave dogs unattended in vehicles, outside supermarkets or in gardens that are visible from the street. Check the history of any dog you adopt online, watch out for other people's companion animals, speak up if you think a dog is being abducted. Be vigilant, be vocal.


Please sign this petition

Eating any animal is a grave injustice - including eating dogs.

Please sign this petition and change to a plant based diet so that innocent animals - of so many species - don't suffer and die for human taste-bud entertainment.

Petition: Click Here

Please sign this petition to stop animal abuse

Please... sign now and share widely. Thank you so much.

Australian animals have not only suffered the torturous journey called "Live Export", but they have also suffered brutal treatment and deaths that would be totally illegal if they occurred on Australian soil.

That innocent animals are butchered for human consumption is horrific enough, but when they are also tortured by barbaric killing methods, decent people must raise their voices to stop it. Thank you for taking action!


Stop Otago University building an animal torture facility

Please sign and share this petition to stop the University of Otago building a huge facility to torture and kill thousands of animals. While other nations have stopped or are phasing out animal experimentation, why is New Zealand proposing to build more cruel laboratories? We need to come out of the barbarism of the dark ages and use much safer, much more reliable, human-based research for human issues.